CicLAvia: Pasadena

By Prima Gonzalez

Most people think that you need a car to do anything fun in Los Angeles. While this might sometimes feel true, this Sunday it’s great to NOT have a car because L.A.’s CicLAvia event comes to Pasadena! Designated streets are closed to cars so they can be completely open from 9AM – 4PM to people on bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or people who prefer to just walk around. The route is 3.5 miles long and no one has to worry about traffic or safety from speeding cars.

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Five years ago the city started having events called CicLAvia to celebrate the use of green modes of transportation. It started as an annual event only in downtown Los Angeles but has become widely popular and spread to different neighborhoods throughout the city. In recent months, neighborhoods such as Venice and the Valley have enjoyed a car free Sunday, and now, this Sunday Pasadena holds its first event.

The crowd is incredibly eclectic and friendly. Some people dress in themes such as the 80s or their favorite movie character, while others pull wheelbarrows with speakers behind their bikes to supply loud music. Overall, CicLAvia is a celebration of alternative transportation and creating a sense of community in a city of almost 4 million people.


Come soak up the sun while cruising around enjoying food, music, and a different part of this big city. Remember: just like life, it’s an experience and not a race.


Where is Pasadena?
Pasadena is located in the San Gabriel Valley about ten miles northeast of downtown L.A. If you have never been, Pasadena offers amazing one-of-a-kind shops as well as great bars and restaurants.

How do you get there?
Jump on the Gold Line train at Union Station.

Don’t have a bike?
You don’t need a bike to participate. Some people walk, ride skateboards, or rollerblade. You can even rent a bike! Check out the CicLAvia website for more info:  OR check out Yelp to find a bike rental shop near you.

For event map and more info, check out the official website:



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