What is culture?

Culture is everything that makes a community unique and unified. This can be food, music, and dress to name a few. Los Angeles has a culture that is defined by the diversity of its citizens. From Thai to European, Ethiopian (Africa) to Indian, L.A. has it all. Also, culture is meant to be experienced with the five senses.

Studying in Los Angeles can be incredibly memorable! Learning the language of English is one part. Getting out there and using it is the FUN part. Experience L.A. with your taste buds!

Food trucks are a huge part of L.A. culture with over 200 trucks driving around town! The food is just as diverse as the city. Some offer one-of-a-kind menus that represent a mixing of cultures, or fusion. These include Korean BBQ&Mexican, Indian street food&Mexican, experimental cupcakes, and American southern comfort food. These mobile businesses have a special relationship with the community. Social media allows fans to connect with their favorite food trucks to find out where they will be on any given day. This creates a buzz as people are excited to find out where their favorite food truck might be.

Do you have a favorite food truck? You can contact them on twitter or facebook to ask them to come to you. Imagine your favorite food truck coming to you instead of going to a restaurant. Get out there and experience L.A. with a hungry stomach and your mouth wide open!

Want to practice your English and watch a great movie?

Check out “Chef” with English subtitles to get a closer look at the food truck culture as well as practice your English.

Wanna learn more or find out where your new favorite food truck will be?

Check out www.roaminghunger.com .

Order&Pick up

Order&Pick up





  • unified– (verb) bring together, mix, meld, join together
  • diversity– (noun) variety, differences
  • citizen – (noun) someone who lives in a particular town, city, or nation
  • fan– (noun) a person who is supportive of and enthusiastic about something or someone
  • mobile– (adjective) capable of moving
  • fusion– (adjective) combination of two or more different cultural flavors
  • street food– (noun) food cooked in a public space, such as a street, make for convenient and immediate eating
  • buzz– (noun) anything that creates excitement



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