California Language School

California Language School


Are you looking for a California Language School? LASC was founded in 1982 and is accredited by California's Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education. 

What does a California Language School provide?

We provide English language instruction to international students and immigrants in southern California. We have several different programs you can choose.   If you need to learn English as a second language, we can help. Our basic ESL (English as a second language) has six levels. A1 for beginners to C1 for advanced learners.

You can complete the entire program in 1 ½ years. Each level course is twelve weeks long, and we monitor all students and ensure their progress is satisfactory. Our curriculum focuses on understanding and learning the most common English expressions.

We provide private tutoring for all students, and LASC is willing to work with each student’s schedule and creates a plan that meets individual needs. Students can take classes evenings, mornings or afternoons. We also provide each student with an Admission Representative that helps provide direction and support.

English as a second language is offered Monday through Thursday, 18 hours a week. If you need a California language school, we can work with your schedule.

Do we have specific programs?

Yes, we offer several specific programs:

International English Language Testing System or IELTS, is the most popular English language proficiency test.  This course will help you develop your academic skills using fun and exciting lessons. Our teachers want you to succeed, and there are no more than ten students in each classroom. Keeping the classroom size small allows our teachers to work individually with students and address their needs. 

The Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL is a test that ensures a person’s English skills are good enough to take university courses or attend graduate school in an English-speaking country. It tests reading, listening, and grammar skills.  Our preparatory course will help you pass your TOEFL test. You will work on your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills on a rotating basis. Students will take half of a TOEFL test each week getting them acquainted with what will be on their test. By taking actual tests, it gives students the confidence needed to succeed when taking the real test.

Business English is for students that want to work in international trade, finance, marketing, and other similar businesses. Students will learn what common English expressions are and what the grammatical structures are. The goal of this course to make sure the student is familiar with English and how it relates to the business environment. This course will have hands-on projects that allow the student to showcase what they have learned. It is essential to turn lessons into practical knowledge.

Pathway to College helps students get into colleges. LASC partners with approximately 30 colleges and universities in Southern California. We have several courses designed to help you get ready to take the TOEFL and IELTS tests.

How can we help?

Whatever your need, a California Language School can help. LASC has all of your English as a second language courses and material covered. Contact us today.


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