Cheap English Courses For International Students

Cheap English Courses For International Students


It is essential that as an international student to be able to communicate effectively in English. At LASC Language Scholastics we offer several cheap English courses for international students. Whether you want to improve your English for academic purposes or your job, we have something for everyone.

Why is ESL important?

ESL is the acronym for English as a Second Language and is primarily useful for people whose mother tongue is not English. In the US, the main language for communication is English, so a lot of non-English speaking people can find several aspects of their life made more difficult due to this. For someone who’s not proficient in English, it is easy to miscommunicate when dealing with important matters such as health, education, and law enforcement.

For non-native English speakers, it can be quite tricky to navigate the world of healthcare. Even native English speakers have problems and miscommunications when dealing with healthcare and medical insurance! When you go to a doctor or apply for insurance, you must get your message across accurately to your healthcare providers.

Safety and law can also be quite problematic. You should be able to follow instructions from native speakers about directions if you get lost, for example. Having excellent English comprehension is also essential when you want to understand laws and regulations. Simple misunderstandings in this area can lead to unintended mistakes that are costly and tedious.

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What English language programs do you offer?

We provide English language education for people of various backgrounds. Whether you’re a student wanting to improve your English as college preparation or for your job, we can help you. Our cheap English courses for international students will help you navigate daily life in the US better.

For students, we have dedicated preparation courses for popular English language tests like TOEFL and IELTS. These exam results often act as entry requirements for various colleges, visas, and jobs. We also have a unique Pathway to College program to prepare students for community colleges or state universities. You will learn how to take notes, communicate, and comprehend better in English.

Our one-year Business English program is for students who want to enter the marketing or finance industries. We will introduce you to common business terminology through interactive group projects.

Costs and duration of our English courses

Most international students already have enough extra costs to deal with, so we want to make our courses as affordable as possible. Our TOEFL and IELTS prep courses are $200 for one week or $750 for four weeks. All these programs are full-time, which is around 18 hours per week, from Mondays to Thursdays.

It’s possible to do these courses part-time as well. For one week, four hours per week will cost $80, 8 hours per week costs $120, and 12 hours per week costs $150.

At LASC Language Scholastics, we offer English courses in California for non-native English speakers. We offer great options for those looking for cheap English courses for international students.


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