English School Los Angeles

English School Los Angeles

Find out why more people are attending Language Scholastics' (LASC) English school in Los Angeles. Students attend our school because it is affordable and they want to learn English. As educators, we are committed to going far beyond merely teaching English. We teach the experience of English - the culture, the ideology, and the origins behind the language that makes it what it is.

With our comprehensive approach, dedicated instructors, and your commitment to learning English, we'll have speaking and understanding English in no time!

Why Attend English School in Los Angeles at Language Scholastics?

LASC is renowned as a cutting-edge language university, boasting one of today's better English programming classes, utilizing the world's best technology and teaching techniques to help our students quickly and thoroughly grasp the concepts that we teach. To help our students get the most of their education from us, LASC uses a blended teaching model that is heavily e-based. Why do we do this? Primarily, for two reasons:

1. It has been proven that students learn best from a combination of e-based learning and classroom-based learning.

2. Most of our students are immigrants, many of whom have little-to-no experience using computers. Our English school in Los Angeles helps them to learn English and become acclimated to computer usage, which is crucial or success in the job market of today.

Learn English at LASC

Our top priority is to ensure that all of our students achieve English proficiency that exceeds CERF standards. After attending our English school, our students are able to communicate with Native-English speaking people meaningfully, understanding all of the idioms and nuances used, as well as common slang.

Who Should Attend English School in Los Angeles?

As stated, most of our English school students are immigrants. Whether they intend to stay in America permanently, someday go back to their home country, or even migrate somewhere else; speaking English is key to success in the global marketplace of today! This fact becomes more and more obvious as we progress into the 21st Century. For a fact, there are far more career advancement opportunities for people who can understand and communicate English clearly.

Additionally, our students enjoy the reward of self-satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment after graduating from our Engish school. With instructors who gladly go above and beyond to help you succeed, why would you attend English school anywhere else in Los Angeles?

About Language Scholastics

Language Scholastics was founded in 1982 and is approved by the BPPE and the ACCET. What does this mean for you? It means that our educators, our teaching techniques, our curriculum, the technology that we use, and our academic partnerships are the best in California! Put simply; all of this means that you will get the best education possible when you make LASC your English school in Los Angeles.

Call and schedule your appointment today. We'd love to help you learn English.

English School Los Angeles
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