Esl Classes Irvine Ca

Esl Classes Irvine Ca


If you are not a native English user, you probably find many aspects of your life challenging in the US. It’s easy to make mistakes in following important instructions or conversing with other native speakers. At LASC Language Scholastics, we offer ESL classes in Irvine, Ca, ideal for students and professionals.

What do I learn in ESL classes?

The purpose of English as a second language (ESL) courses is to improve your writing, speaking, reading, and listening skills in English. You learn how to comprehend written language, which will significantly ease your daily life with things like filling out paperwork. You also interact with other students with different backgrounds to communicate with better confidence in English.

At our campuses, you can enroll in ESL courses with the intensity you want, whether as a full-time student (more than 18 hours weekly) or part-time student (less than 18 hours per week). You can take regular ESL classes to improve your English and make your daily life easier. However, we also tailor multiple courses for specific goals, such as preparing for college or for employment in marketing and finance fields.

If you’re searching for ESL classes in Irvine, CA, contact us to discover the many programs we offer. You can take a free test to evaluate your English ability and help decide which program you want to go for.

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What’s the advantage of ESL courses over online English courses?

There are now endless options to learn English online, and you may think this is cheaper and easier. Of course, many of these online options are great for practicing your English listening, reading, and writing skills. However, the advantage of ESL courses is that you interact with real people and hence get a more realistic experience in learning how to speak English.

Anyone with experience learning a new language knows that is quite a bit easier to learn how to read and write than speaking with another person in that language. In any language, there’s no standard way of speaking as different people communicate at different speeds and styles. Hence, you need to learn how to listen and speak effectively with different people.

What our IELTS and TOEFL prep courses offer

Many universities, governments, and businesses around the world use IELTS and TOEFL scores as standard ways of measuring your English abilities. They’ll come in handy if you apply for a place at college, a new job or visa applications. Our prep courses for these exams offer individualized training plans and small classes (less than ten students) to help you learn more effectively.

For each course, we start with a demo test to gauge different student’s abilities and where they need to improve one. We will use this to focus on these areas of improvement. You can also practice and track your progress online throughout the course.

Do you live in California and looking for ESL classes? We offer ESL classes in Irvine, CA, with various programs. Contact LASC Language Scholastics to find out more!


Esl Classes Irvine Ca
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