ESL Irvine

ESL Irvine

The best way to learn English is by taking classes. English as a second language, known as ESL, are classes for those who want to learn English. Whether you are new to the United States or have been here for a while, you will benefit from ESL in Irvine. At Language Scholastics, LASC, we offer a wide array of programs that will teach you the basics of the English language and beyond.

What Are Proficiency Levels?

The core ESL Irvine program includes six proficiency levels. The levels range from A1 for beginners through C1 for advanced students. When you sign up for classes, we will give you a free placement test to determine your current level and what level is best to start. You do not need to meet any minimum proficiency to enroll in our program. Each of the main courses is 12 weeks in length. Full-time students meet 18 hours per week for classes. We also offer part-time studies for most students. Throughout your studies, we monitor your progress to make sure that you are in the correct course level.

ESL Irvine Curriculum

We offer one of the best and most comprehensive curriculums of all ESL programs. Each core program provides you with the basics of that particular level of English. We utilize online workbooks, score tracking, and mobile apps to enrich the learning experience. Our ESL Irvine program includes virtual reality instruction. Students may also enroll in up to two electives per core course. Electives provide in-depth studies in specific areas such as pronunciation, grammar, speaking, writing, and reading. We offer private tutoring for those who would like some additional help on an individual basis. A tutor is helpful for those who are trying to accomplish specific tasks, such as writing a resume or cover letter.

How Often Do Classes Meet?

We offer classes at flexible times so you can fit the program into your schedule. Classes may meet mornings, afternoons or evenings, Monday through Thursday. The total number of hours for a full-time student is 18 hours per week. Part-time students may take 4, 8, or 12 hours per week. We also provide special arrangements for students who are unable to attend specific class schedules. For instance, you can arrange for supplemental, private, or small group classes based on your particular needs.

About LASC Campuses

We have three campus locations, including Los Angeles, Rowland Heights, and Irvine. We encourage you to spend time getting out and about in Southern California. We offer field trips to fun places such as hiking at Griffith Park and surf lessons at Santa Monica Pier, among others. We want you to practice your English skills in locations around town. Our team is here to help you through the learning process. If you are ready to get started, you can contact our admissions representative to take a free placement test. We are happy to answer your questions and support you during your time at our ESL Irvine location. You can learn more about our programs online or schedule a free consultation.  

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