Esl Los Angeles

Esl Los Angeles

Can you believe that there was a time in the United States when speaking two languages was considered a handicap? Oh, how wrong they were! The idea was that children who could speak two languages were essentially stuck - they spent too much time trying to distinguish between the two languages, and this detracted from their ability to learn and solve problems. Today, we know that such a notion is preposterous. In fact, the opposite is true! Language Scholastics (LASC) proudly offers ESL in Los Angeles, as we know that speaking two languages makes children and adults smarter, not dumber!

Can Non-Native-Speaking English People Learn English?

A popular saying in the United States is "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." The good news is you're not a dog, and even though this saying implies that adults are more stuck n their ways and are difficult to teach, ESL in Los Angeles can be fun, exciting, and highly rewarding.

Adults tend to be a lot busier than children with all kinds of pursuits that drain their weekly availability, including career, family, exercise, spirituality, and other time-consuming tasks. It may be difficult for an adult to commit to learning English, and they may not even have a desire to do so, but learning will pay dividends!

Where to Take ESL in Los Angeles

Language Scholastics is a legitimate school with real educators. Here, we not only teach the English language, but we also teach the Engish experience. It's one thing to merely translate words and phrases, but in order for a student to grasp the meanings, they need the full English experience. LASC uses the blended learning model where our students learn online and in class.

Rather than merely teaching students how to pronounce words and telling them what they mean, LASC promotes the concept of English in action. Our instructors help our students to interact with the modern English language, using English to achieve their goals and participate more in English-speaking societies, particularly, the United States.

Benefits of ESL

There are many benefits in completing ESL in Los Angeles beyond the ability to speak English in America. At LASC, we understand that your native language plays a major role in your identity. It's one that you should be proud of, and it's one that LASC respects. At Los Angeles Language Scholastics, we structure our ESL classes in a common-sense, step-by-step process. All of our instructors are empathetic and very good at what they do. Our job is to make sure you succeed, no matter how long it takes!

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to attend ESL in Los Angeles is one of the most overlooked - opportunities. Learning English as a second language isn't just so you can have a more comfortable and convenient life. More opportunities come in the United States and around the world to people who are fluent in English. If only for the sake of your career path, if nothing else, learning English can increase your annual learning potential exponentially. Across the planet, the demand for bilingual adults is on the rise!

Esl Los Angeles
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