ESL School In Los Angeles

ESL School In Los Angeles

Whether you are living in the country temporarily or are staying permanently, you need to speak, read and write in English. Learning a new language can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any help. At Language Scholastics, we offer classes to learn English as a second language, ESL. We are a leading ESL school in Los Angeles. We have a variety of programs at three facilities in Southern California.

What is the English as a Second Language Program?

 At Language Scholastics, we offer a variety of programs, including our popular English as a Second Language program, ESL. Our ESL school in Los Angeles provides students with the fundamental skills they need to become competent in speaking English. The goal of the program is to teach students the basic capabilities that they need to become an active part of society in the United States. We offer a variety of scheduling choices to fit your busy schedule, including morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

ESL Core Program Curriculum

Our ESL school in Los Angeles offers a Cambridge-based curriculum that focuses on learning the most common English words, expressions, and grammatical structures. The core program consists of six levels that are assigned a point system. A1 is the beginning level, and C1 is the most advanced level. We set up the levels in accordance with the International Standards of English Proficiency. We offer a free placement test so you can find out on which level you can begin. Each main level course is 12 weeks in length, and classes meet 18 hours per week. You can complete the entire program in 1 ½ years. Each course progresses to the next level, so you will always build on the skills you know.

What Are Electives?

In addition to the core ESL courses, students may enroll in two electives during each program at our ESL school in Los Angeles. Electives are courses that go into more detail in areas that are of particular interest to the student. For example, some of our electives include pronunciation, listening, speaking, conversation, reading, and writing. We design elective classes to go into more depth in certain areas of the English language. They can be very useful, especially when you couple them with particular core courses. An admissions representative will assist you in choosing courses and electives.

About Language Scholastics

Language Scholastics, LASC, is accredited by several organizations including the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), the Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). We have three campus locations in Southern California. Our campuses are close to many tourist sites and in an area with plenty of housing options. Disneyland is nearby, as is Huntington Beach, which is known as the surf capital of the world. There is a lot to see and do when you are not attending classes. At our ESL school in Los Angeles, we are happy to help you learn English and prepare you for an exciting and productive time in the United States.


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