English as a Second Language

Our Core ESL program is comprised of six levels and is based on a six-point scale from A1 for beginners, up to C1 for advanced learners in accordance with the International Standards of English Proficiency. There is no minimum proficiency requirement to enter our program. Each main level course is 12 weeks long and the entire program can be completed in 1.5 years. Students take one core course, along with elective courses in order to provide in depth practice on certain skills. The English as a Second Language program aims to equip students with the fundamental skills necessary to become competent English speakers. Upon completing our program, students will have the linguistic capabilities necessary to succeed at the collegiate level, pursue professional opportunities, and actively participate in American society.

English for Academic Purpose
Designed specifically for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees, the EAP program prepares students to succeed at the collegiate or university level. Upon completion of the program, students will have attained the essential language skills, independent learning habits, and academic culture necessary for integration into U.S. institutions of higher learning. Our courses help to develop students’ note-taking, discussion, rhetoric, debate, presentation, and research skills within an academic context. By the end of this program, students will have also improved their ability to read and understand the content of written texts in academic English. Students will have gained greater reading fluency and accuracy; a deeper understanding of the content of reading passages; learned strategies for improving comprehension; and developed strategies for independent reading outside of the classroom. Students will be able to construct coherent, well organized responses to a variety of topics and prompts. The EAP curriculum features lectures and dialogues that are broken down into manageable parts, giving students an opportunity to predict, identify main ideas, and effectively manage lengthy input. Guided discussion activities, structured pair and group work stimulate interest and interaction among students. Students will learn how to organize their information and ideas in a graphic organizer, writing, and/or making a presentation to the class.
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Business English
LASC’s Business English program is a one-year multi-level program which uses a research-based curriculum for upper-intermediate to advanced students. The aim of the program is to develop and enhance students’ abilities to communicate in commercial and cross-cultural business settings. The Business English program at LASC is comprised of eight courses. It is designed for students with aspirations to become business professionals and entrepreneurs and for those who wish to continue their studies in undergraduate or graduate business programs. The Business English program at LASC comprises eight courses which collectively focus on giving students a broad understanding of the business world today while simultaneously guiding their English language development. Each course hones in on specific topics related to business as well as language skills or functions that are vital to those business topics. Furthermore, the curriculum focuses on the acquisition of the most commonly used English words, expressions, and grammatical structures as they pertain to the business topic of the course.
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Our students enter our school in a number of different ways. The most common type of student is the F1 student. Almost all students will need to acqiure an I-20 document. Check the type of student you are below to figure out what you need in order to apply!

F1 Student

Students who are outside the United States who require an I-20 to obtain an F1 Student Visa to study in the United States.

F1 Transfer Student

Students who are already in the United States and have a valid F1 visa and an I-20 from another school.

Change of Status

Students who are currently in the United States under a different visa status and wish to obtain an I-20 to change their status to F1.

Tourist Student

Students who are on Tourist visas who would like to take part time classes during their stay in the United States.

Local Student

Students who are American Citizens or Permanent Residents.

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