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Our School

Founded in 1982, LASC is a leading institution for Intensive English Programs with campuses in Los Angeles, Irvine, and Rowland Heights. LASC is accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training), a US Department of Education recognized agency. The school is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students (F1).

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Our Programs

LASC offers three academic English Language School programs: English as a Second Language, English for Academic Purposes, and Business English. Our ESL program consists of six levels with no minimum proficiency requirement for entry. Each level takes about one quarter (12 weeks) to complete. We monitor each student’s progress to ensure academic growth.

Students attend English Language classes four days a week, Monday thru Thursday and can choose from morning, afternoon, and evening schedules. Download a sample course schedule for more information. Our academic calendar follows a quarterly schedule with sessions every Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Students are more than welcome, however, to enroll at any time.

Tuition & Fees

A list of tuition and fees can be reviewed here.

*Tuition rate effective from 8/1/2024

Full-Time Students/F1 Students

All programs are Monday - Thursday, 18 hours per week

*Tuition Rate Effective from 8/1/2024

  • 1 Week

    $ 195
    $ 195
    $ 145
  • 4 Weeks

    $ 740
    $ 740
    $ 550
  • 12 Weeks

    $ 2,220
    $ 2,220
    $ 1,650
  • 24 Weeks

    $ 4,218
    $ 4,218
    $ 3,135

Part-Time Students

All programs are Monday - Thursday
Students requiring an I-20 are not eligible to enroll Part Time

  • 1 Week

    $ 110
    $ 120
  • 4 Weeks

    $ 380
    $ 400
  • 12 Weeks

    $ 1,140
    $ 1,200

LASC Campuses

Live, Learn, Let Loose

LASC has three campuses across sunny Southern California. Our locations are just minutes away from some of California's most popular tourist attractions and situated in areas that offer plenty of amenities, as well as ample housing and entertainment options. Learn how to surf at Huntington Beach, the surf capital of the world. Take a trip to Disneyland, shop on Rodeo Drive, walk the stars on Hollywood Boulevard or cruise down Pacific Coast Highway to take in the sights. At LASC we strongly encourage our students to leave the four walls of our classrooms and go out to experience all that California has to offer. Our aim is to employ our students with the language skills they need to operate and interact with the world around them. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start exploring!

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How To Apply

F1 Students

Students who are outside the United States who require an I-20 to obtain an F1 Student Visa to study in the United States

  • Passport Copy


  • Bank Statement $20,000 min.


    *(If you plan to come with your spouse or children, you can find additional information in the FAQ section we provide.)

  • Financial-Guarantee


    *(Only required if bank balance certificate is different from student's name.)

  • Application Fee


F1 Transfer Students

Students who are already in the United States and have a valid F1 visa and an I-20 from another school

  • Visa Copy


  • Current I-20 Copy


  • Latest I-94 Copy


  • Transfer Form




What is the minimum amount that must be shown on my bank statement?

Student's must show a minimum of $20,000 in order to qualify for an I-20 valid for one year. All bank statements issued in a name other than the student must be accompanied by an Affidavit of Financial Support.

Can I have dependents on my I-20?

Yes, however your bank statement must show an additional $6,000 for each dependent

How can I get my most recent I-94?

An I-94 is issued to foreign visitors entering the United States and is a record of all arrivals and departures. Students can obtain their I-94 at the US Customs and Border Protection Website.

How long does it take to get an I-20?

After you submit your application, it will take 2-3 business days to process. For students who are outside the United States, please allow another 3-5 business days for DHL shipping (depending on destination).

Immigration Status & Visas

Can I study with a Tourist Visa (B1 or B2)?

Yes, with a tourist visa you can study a maximum of 17 hours per week.

Can I work formally with a student visa (F1)?

No, F1 students are not allowed to work formally in the US.

Can I change my tourist visa (B) for student visa (F1) within the US?

Yes, however, this could be a lengthy and expensive process. In order to change your status from a B visitor to an F1, you must file an application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Please contact your student representative for more information.

Tuition & Fees

When do I have to pay my tuition?

You may pay for your tuition on the same day you begin your program.

Does your school accept SACM sponsored students?

Yes. LASC has been designated as an approved ESL program by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission. When applying please provide an Affidavit of Support along with a letter issued by SACM.

What other fees do I have to pay for besides tuition?

All students must pay a $150 application fee. Students who are applying from abroad must pay a $60 DHL fee depending on destination to receive their I-20s by mail. F1 students must pay a $350 registration fee directly to SEVIS. Other fees might apply depending on country of origin. Check the US Embassy website for details.

How much money do I need to study in the United States?

This varies. However, a rough estimate would be $2,500 per month including all expenses such as accommodation, tuition, books, meals, transportation etc.

School Policy

When I first arrive in the United States do I have to start school immediately?

Yes. Immigration regulations state that international students must start school on the start date listed on their I-20.

The academic session has already started, do I have to wait until the following quarter to begin classes?

No. Our school allows rolling admissions and students can begin classes at any time.

What are the requirements to maintain my I-20?

Students must attend school 18 hours a week and maintain above an 80% attendance record. Students must also maintain good academic standing.

Can I travel or take a vacation if I am an F1 student? Can I leave the country?

Students who have been enrolled in our program for 6 months (two quarters) are eligible to take a one-month vacation. Students who have been enrolled for 1 year (four quarters) are eligible to take a three-month vacation. F1 students are allowed to leave the country upon having their I-20 signed by the school official.

How long can I study at your school?

Students can be enrolled in our program for a maximum of 3 years

Does LASC provide accommodation for students?

Yes. We are able to place students needing accommodation with an American family home-stay, or rentals of single or shared apartments.


I know very little English. Is that a problem?

No, there is no minimum English language requirement to study at our school. Our English as a Second Language program consists of 6 levels, accommodating students who have little to no English to those who wish to study at the university level.

Is your school accredited?

Yes. LASC is accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training), a U.S. Department of Education recognized agency.

What types of students attend your school? Are your teachers experienced?

Our student population is very diverse and represents a number of nationalities: Brazilian, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South American, Vietnamese, Thai and many others. All of our teachers are native speakers and most of them have advanced degrees and overseas English teaching experience.