Why Business English Is Important

We’re all probably aware that people use English differently in different situations. There is a rather noticeable distinction between general use English and Business English, and the differences are probably not very obvious to non-native speakers of a language until they are pointed out.

English in the Business World

To be sure, Business English is English that is used in business environments. Think business meetings, negotiations, responses to customer inquiries, emails between professionals regarding their business(es), etc.. It should be noted that Business English often refers to cultural knowledge (e.g. social expectations, behaviors, etc.) as well as communications skills (e.g. delivering a pitch or presentation, negotiation tactics, etc.) related to business settings.

Business English is different from general use English in various ways, making it challenging for international students to study. It’s so specific, in fact, that BBC’s Learning English website has its own section dedicated to English in the workplace. Many publishers create their own series of English study guides and textbooks specifically for Business English, too. It should come as no surprise then that LASC offers a one-year, multi-level program dedicated to the study of Business English.

The purpose, vocabulary, style, and even the grammar of Business English can be different compared to general use English. International students who want to study Business English have to get ready to think about English in a new way.

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Your Career Awaits

But there is hope for those who persevere! For one thing, having strong Business English skills can help students advance their professional goals. While learning a new language is enriching in many ways, it can also give people a leg up when trying to apply for jobs in one’s home country. If you are a learning English so that you can have better career opportunities when you return, you can make yourself a more competitive applicant by adding a Business English program to your study regimen

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Businesses across the world place a very high importance on employees’ and prospective employees’ ability to speak English well at all levels. As their workplace, teams and business relationships become more globalized, the need for Business English skills also increases.

Businesses that have important relationships with international clients will have a high demand for workers who bring strong Business English skills to the table. Positions in management or any position that has potential to communicate with international clients in any capacity may also require these capabilities.

The fact that English is the most widely learned language is relevant as well because English is often used as a lingua franca between international businesses. For example, it’s not uncommon for a Korean company to do business with a company in Mexico using English. This is where the specialized vocabulary of Business English will be extremely useful.

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LASC: Your Hub for Business English

How well do you know Business English? You can try this short test from Cambridge Assessment. Not satisfied with the result? LASC has you covered.

In addition to our general English program, college pathways program, TOEFL courses, and IELTS courses, LASC offers a one-year, multi-level Business English program. The aim of the program is to develop and enhance students’ abilities to communicate effectively in commercial and cross-cultural settings involving businesses. It is specially designed for students who have aspirations to become business professional and entrepreneurs and for those who wish to continue their business studies at the undergraduate and graduate level.

By the end of the program, students will develop keen knowledge about business and the use of English in regards to business themes or settings. In the courses, students will learn, for example, how to write a proper resume and cover letter, how to conduct themselves in a job interview, how to discuss and present business ideas in a formal manner, how different cultures factor in to the way people interact in business environments, and other important skills.

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Our highly-experienced team of instructors will give students the hands-on experience that is crucial for cementing abstract lesson into practical knowledge through individual and group-based projects and presentations. They along with the student representatives are here to provide support and direction so that you can apply the skills you’ll learn to achieve your goals.

Contact an admissions representative today to find out how our Business English program can help you reach your professional goals.